AYCB 24-hour Charity Livestream for Mental Health

Come watch our charity stream for Mental Health Month and donate to get a chance to win prizes!


Sara Riel

Sara Riel's mission is to provide those individuals with mental health and substance use/addiction challenges a safe, inclusive and engaging environment where self-determined needs are valued, and all are assisted on their path to reaching their goals.

Our services include: Mental Health Counselling/Case Management, Community Mentorship, Peer Support Services, Peer Respite, Employment Services and Supportive Housing.

All You Can Board

Carlo and Dylann launched All You Can Board in January 2020. Together, they create videos about board games for their YouTube channel, including reviews, how-to-play videos, and much more. You can reach them by email at allyoucanboard@gmail.com, or you can check their website for how to join their free Discord server or reach them on social media.


The AYCB 24-hour Charity Livestream for Mental Health will be a special event broadcast on our YouTube board game channel to raise awareness for mental health and to raise funds for Sara Riel, a local mental health organization. The event will start on Saturday, May 28th at 12pm/noon CST and end on Sunday, May 29th at 12pm/noon CST.

The livestream can be found on the All You Can Board YouTube channel on the day of the event, here. It will also be embedded on this page! Viewers can tune in at any time to watch Carlo, Dylann and their friends play board games and/or to make a donation. 100% of all donations will go directly to Sara Riel. The more money folks donate, the more entries they will receive into random draws for various board game-related prize packs, many of which have been sponsored by board game publishers. Every 5 dollars that you choose to donate will earn you one entry into every prize package, so you’ll have plenty of chances to win one of these great prizes! (Limit of one prize package per person)

As part of their 12 months of giving, Carlo and Dylann are also fortunate to have the event sponsored by local production company Tripwire Media Group, who will be providing all the gear and production equipment to make the event possible.


flatout games
northstar games
pandasaurus games
victory pints
Capstone Games
leder games
trip wire
plan b
board game bliss
IV Studio
motorcity gameworks
pegasus spiele
pencil first
stone maier


Watch the stream and donate to enter in a chance to win prizes!

Flatout Games Prize Package

Calico, Cascadia, Verdant

Leder Games Prize Package #1

Root, Expansion of Winner's Choice

Leder Games Prize Package #2

Oath: Chronicles of Empire & Exile

Leder Games Prize Package #3

Fort, Cats & Dogs Expansion

Pandasaurus Games Prize Package

Skater Summer, Skull Canyon, Sobek: 2 Player

Plan B Games Prize Package

Yak, Goodies Bundle

North Star Games Prize Package

Oceans, Evolution Climate

Capstone Games Prize Package

Boonlake, Riftforce

Game Brewer Prize Package

Fuji Koro

Kayenta Games Prize Package

Obsession Deluxe - Hand Assembled Version with all expansions!

Chip Theory Games Prize Package


Mindclash Games Prize Package #1

Anachrony Essential Edition, Exosuit Miniatures Pack

Mindclash Games Prize Package #2

Cerebria, Forces of Balance expansion

Brotherwise Games Prize Package #1


Brotherwise Games Prize Package #2

Night of the Ninja

Pencil First Games Prize Package

Skulk Hollow and Ancient Relics Mini-Expansion, The Whatnot Cabinet and Fascination Pack Mini-Expansion, Floriferous and Early Spring Mini-Expansion, Sunset Over Water and Nature's Muse Mini-Expansion, Herbaceous: Pocket Edition and Flavor Pack Mini-Expansion

IV Studio Prize Package #1

Moonrakers Kickstarter Edition

IV Studio Prize Package #2

Moonrakers Kickstarter Edition

IV Studio Prize Package #3

Veiled Fate (Plastic Mini Version)

Pegasus Spiele Prize Package

Fire & Stone, First Rat, MicroMacro: Crime City, Talisman Adventures RPG Core Rulebook

Motor City Gameworks Prize Package

Motor City Kickstarter Pledge

Cheap Sheep Games Prizes

2 separate prizes of Crimopolis Deluxe Edition

Stonemaier Games Prize Package

Rolling Realms

AEG Prizes

10 Copies of Dog Lover

Victory Pints Prize Package


Board Game Bliss Prize Package


Dylann's Choices Prize Package


Carlo's Choices Prize Package


Patreon Choice Prize Package